Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Travel day

We made it to Guatemala after a long travel day. It was nice,warm and humid at the airport. We made it to our friends house by about 10PM, so we have no day pictures to show yet. Internet is very slow.........The first thing to notice here and have to remember is that we cannot flush toilet paper into the toilet. Sewer system does not work well here....
It's 8AM now. Sunny outside, but chilly in the house.
Emma Contolini: It is very green here and humid. The houses are painted bright colors like pink, yellow, green orange lime green, colors like that. We also have to be very careful with the water, we cannot put the toothbrush in the water and then put it in your mouth. Also the toilets are bad so you cannot put toilet paper in the toilet you have to throw the paper away when you are done with it. Fun....
-Emma Contolini


Mr. Austin's Class said...

Hi Emma,

We checked out your post this morning before we started math. It's nice to read about your trip so far.
It is FREEZING here today (-6F) so warm and humid sounds good.

As I type this comment with the class, Davis is wondering what your friend's name is where you are staying?? How do you know them?

Please keep telling us all about what it's like there.

We're going to start our day now. Hope you have a good day too!

Mr. Austin's class.

Peggy said...

Glad you arrived safely in Guatemala!!! The houses sound very pretty! I hope your accomodations are sufficient and the weather is good! WE have a snowstorm coming here...youare in our prayers, Peggy, Grace and Lilly