Monday, December 7, 2009

Leaving for Guatemala

So, tomorrow we are finally leaving for Guatemala on our 3 weeks family mission trip. The emotions are various and difficult to describe. We have been praying, fundraising and preparing for this trip for almost 3 years and now it is here, upon us. And outside it is snowing... We will not have a white Christmas at our house this year...

Of all the things that have struck me as we have prepared for this trip, the one that stands out is the unexpected loving response from so many people that have donated money, clothing, stuffed animals for the orphans, that have offered prayers, time and support, brought us Christmas gifts, offered their help with our dog and house and transportation. It has been a great testimony and an encouragment for me and Norine. We praise God for all the grace He has already shown to us, even before our departure and we entrust our trip, health and safety to Him.

Guatemala, Paolo's homeland: here we come!

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Anonymous said...

I've been praying for your safe trip today!! Hope all is wellso far! It must be so thrilling for you all to be in Paolo's beautiful country again!! We will keep praying! Love, Peggy, Grace and Lilly I'm sure Mary will take good care of's her feastday!