Thursday, December 10, 2009

more about day one

Emma writing: Wow that is really cold. Yesterday we went to a market, It was really different there. For example: Kids were using knifes and the meat was hanging. The little kids were so adorable I wish I could take one home. Now for Davis's question. Our friends names are Gregory and Anita and how we know these people is when we adoped Paolo, Gregory e-mailed my dad and they kept in touch. They moved to Colorado for two years and we saw each other and became friends. Then they moved back to Guatemala because Anita and her daughter were not happy so now they are here and they are hosting us. My dad will try to post pictures. We went to the top of G and A's roof and pulled some flowers off of a beautiful tree also we get to ride in the back of G and A's truck. It was a lot of fun. They have no seatbelts here so it probably is just as safe as inside. That is all for now I have to get breakfast before we go to the clinic that A works at.

-Emma Contolini
P.S. The G and A letters stand for Gregory and Anita.


Mr. Austin's Class said...

Hi Emma,

It was fun to see your pictures this morning. We noticed you posted your comment at 4:59AM!! We are wondering what the time difference is there? Or were you up that early??

The picture of The Market was cool. What are the main fruits that grow there? It looks like they have all sorts of different kinds.

We're going to start school now but hope you have a great day!!

Mr. Austin's Class

COMeyers said...

Hello Contolini Family,

The pictures are cool! We are so excited to follow this adveture with you.

Rosie is doing well. She and Copper are having fun playing in the backyard - chasing squirrels and barking at them. :-) It was neg. 7 degrees when the kids walked the dogs yesterday morning - brrrr.

:-) Lynn