Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 11

Reforestation program supervisor in S. Lucas Toliman


Tuk-Tuk time

We are enjoying our time in San Lucas Toliman. Fr. Greg is all set up for visitors-volunteers from all over. He is a happy priest who loves children, community and the Guatemalans, themselves, very much. He has empowered the people here, making them the leaders of the programs he guided into existence. He is a special, humble, servant of the Lord - a real gift, whom we are privileged to meet.

We also had the opportunity to meet the founder of the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA). This is a child and aging sponsorship program that promotes interpersonal relationship betweem the children and their sponsors. Touring CFCA headquarters here in San Lucas was great. Hopefully, it will open an opportunity for Enrico and I to work more closely with those value FAMILY and the social teachings of the Catholic Church. A great aside for the kids was cages of animals: Huge county fair sized pigs, goats, turkeys, bunnys and donkeys with velvety noses.

It was a petting zoo experience!

On the lighter side, we all crammed into a tuk-tuk, which is the public mode of transportation here in SL-Toliman... Something like being stuffed into a moving photo booth. The kids were squealing with laughter.

The three volcanoes surrounding Lake Atilan have been shrouded in clouds. We have not seen much of the mountains here, but we hear the crowing and chirping of the birds every morning at 5AM. Also, the roosters serve as an alarm clock, actually worse than an alarm clock ringing on a Monday morning. Norine

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