Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 5 - Antigua

Enrico with Gregory and Anita

Isabella and Norine dressed in their Guatemalan outfits. Isabella bought a flute which she is playing in the picture.

Volcan Agua. It is called that because there is a lake at the top of the mountain and it exploded water and drowned the whole town.

Ronald McDonald with Emma, Pietro, Paolo, and Isabella. Emma and Isabella on
the right, Paolo and Pietro on the left.

We went to Antigua for Mass. This beautiful old town used to be the capital, until it was destroyed by an earthquake. It is most of a tourist town with regular stores and a craft market. Robbers know it's where rich people tour so they go there. You have to be really careful not to leave anything in the car that is valuble to you like money, necklaces and bracelets. It was really fun there. We went out to eat in Antigua and we went to McDonald and it was so beautiful. There was a courtyard and a beautiful view. Some of the pictures that are on this blog day are from McDonald. We went to get some ice cream and the ice cream was sooooo good. Emma

It is striking to note the great desparities in this central american country. In Antigua you can see people dying of starvation, right next to a fancy hotel. The McDonald there is considered the most beautiful in the world, with a court yard with a fountain and flowers, internet, coffee shop, etc. People save money to go eat there. Still, at the local market, you can buy souvenirs and handcrafted clothing (worth dozens of hours of work) for just a few $. Crazy.


Mr. Austin's Class said...

Wow! Great pics! We are starting to really get a feel of how different things are there. Your pics and comments have caused some interesting class conversations.

It looks like you are all working really hard and helping lots of people. The pictures show how much they appreciate it too.

We'll keep checking in on your blog for new updates.

Have a great day!!

Mr. Austin's Class

Peggy said...

I shared your blog with my religion classes today...they were very interested and touched that you would go to Guatemala, especially at Christmastime. We aer enjoying the pictures and stories...Peggy and grade 6 Gesu School