Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fall is on the way

While the days are still warm, nights are getting cooler in Colorado. The fresh air feels refreshing on the skin.  The air is moist and rain has kept our yard green without much need for watering. Creatures that are not commonly seen in Colorado, appear along our evening walking path.

Colors are more subdue and for some reason I feel inspired to take black and white pictures. I am not ready for snow yet, but I am grateful for this time to prepare.

We decided to try something new, before water and air get too cold for it. Tubing down Clear Creek in Golden. What a chilly fun adventure.

Keep your watchful eyes and protect us Mary, gentle mother of our Savior and, please, help us make Him a constant presence in our daily lives. It is only by spending time with others that we get to know, understand and love them and it is no different with God. As St. Augustine said: "You have made us for yourself and our heart is restless until it rests in you". Amen!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Midwest trip Report

We are back home from our trip. We have never driven so long for vacatin before, so here are some statistics and some final pictures from the 2 weeks on the road.

Miles driver: 2889 (4650Km). Wow!
States visited: 7 - Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan and eastern Colorado
States license plates seen on the road: 41 and two Canadian provinces.
Favorite spot: The beach at St. Joseph, Michigan: http://www.stjoelighthouse.com/
One short note about each state:
--> Nebraska: flat and muggy, but home of great friends, good snow cones and the downtown concrete park slide.

--> Iowa: more hilly than we thought and where Paolo learned to like water towers.

--> Illinois: we don't like the unending toll roads and crazy traffic of Chicago, but we loved the gelato at Mariano's and our friends in Gurnee.

--> Wisconsin: truly the biggest air show ever in Oshkosh and where Pietro bought a cheesehead hat.

--> Indiana: the almost constant calming sound of trains in the distance in Chesterton and fun with cousins.

--> Michigan: great fun at the beach house, monopoly shack and empty beach. Paddleboards, ice-creams, sailboat watching on the pier, wonderful enormous trees and vegetation, blueberry picking, calm M63 road, generous friends, State Street Stuff store, charming St. Joseph.

Downtown fun in Omaha

Jonathan seagull

Paddleboard on lake Michigan

Guess who the swimmer is

St. Joseph pier

Penguin has traveled with Isabella for 10+ years now.

"Atticus" is a famous character in which book?

Largest selection of ice cream flavors (55) in Michigan, maybe...

Omaha pool

in what state?

House in Oshkosh... Not where we stayed

Oshkosh visitor

cheese head - Go Packers

We took almost 600 photos, so if you want to see more, you may have to come visit us.
Back to school (August 17), marching band (tomorrow) and to work (tomorrow) now.

Happy travels.