Sunday, September 3, 2017

Lake Isabelle

In the background: Apache Peak, Shoshoni Peak, Pawnee Pass and Mt Toll, all close to 13 thousand feet

Having Wednesdays off has its advantages.
Norine and I dropped off Paolo at school and then headed to Brainard Lake Recreation Area. Look it up and consider visiting it, if you live in the Front Range of Colorado, because it is fantastic.
For us it is surely one of the most beautiful hikes in the area.
A moist forest, soft walking path, the sound of water, a peaceful high mountain lake, plenty or mushrooms (even edible ones) and wildflowers and my best friend forever.
Many more peaks and trails to discover. Maybe next year we will come camping here.

Here is a link to the hike profile:

"porcino mushroom - the best to find"

Lake Isabelle, 11,000 feet

"goodbye for now"