Friday, October 5, 2012

The day Pietro met Gail

Back in 1948, the United States was involved in the Berlin Airlift, flying food, fuel and supplies to the starving population of that destroyed and divided city. One young pilot, named Gail Halvorsen, felt a call to do something special for the children of Berlin. On his way toward the short landing strip at Tempelhof airport, he started to drop candies with little parachutes for the children that gathered around the airport.  His simple act of kindness and generosity changed his life as well as that of many other people.
Colonel Gail still drops candies to children now around the world to deliver an important message. He tells them to be thankful for all that they have, to put others before self and to invites follow their dreams.
You can read Gail's story in several books:
Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot, The Berlin Candy Bomber, Candy Bomber. Pietro, our future pilot, and dad met Gail at a candy drop in in Kaysville, UT.
It was a touching, uplifting and emotional experience.
Read more about it:

Thank you Gail for your kindness and for reminding us to always be generous and thankful. May God Bless you.

On our way to Utah

The Mormon Temple

Pietro meets Gail

The helicopter used for the candy drop

Pilots rule

One last picture together
The Great Salt Lake