Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 3 - bed platforms and lice

Making friends

we delivered a bed platform here. The shack was smaller than our clubhouse and the access road difficult to describe. It's unbelievable people live like this, but it's not all this bad.

learning to balance baskets on the head

Washing lice (pidocchi" in italiano) out of hair. Norine did a good job, Isabella even better; when it was really bad on a couple of children, our nurse friend Anita took care of those cases. The local girls felt like they were in a beauty salon... hardly.

Building a wooden bed frame in the clinic.


giliola said...

Per Emma: la nonna trova bellissimo il tuo cerchio per i capelli. Lo vuole anche lei per sembrare una regina come te.
Per Norine: sei BELLISSIMA, il tuo cuore illumina tutto il tuo viso.
Per Pietro: impara a costruire i letti, impara a "ristrutturare " il mondo.
Nonna e nonno

Aunt Maureen said...

Dear Loved Ones,

In the twelth month, in the year 2009, in the city of Guatemala, a Savior was born, Christ the Lord. He came giving green bananas and eggs to the hungry, removing lice from humble scalps, building wooden bed frames, and making friends with all. The people were reminded that they, too, were loved children of God, precious in God's eyes.

COMeyers said...

Isabella and Emma...
It sounds like you are lots of fun in Guatamala... i wish that i could be there helping. Rosie and Copper are having lots of fun together, they are having a hard time with the toys... grass is always greenner on the other side of the hill. rosie seems to be ajusting well and having fun. i know that i am having fun with her. sam and rosie love to chase each other. it is really funny.

Have fun the rest of your trip!
God Bless,
Claire Bear