Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fasting - a way of getting closer to the poor

During the past few weeks, I took a couple of opportunities for doing a little fasting.

The idea came from a website: http://www.e5men.org/ which invites men to pray for their wifes (or girlfriends/daughters/sisters, etc.) . By doing so, we join Christ's suffering and we intercede for grace for our wifes. I thought the idea was great + decided I could use some grace myself.

So, on two separate days I only had water and a few slices of bread from early morning till dinner time. Because I had so little too eat, I savored each slice of bread and took a long time to chew each bite (instaed of just stuffing it down to get to the next bite). It made realize how hard it must be for all the millions of people that struggle for food each day. It helped me realize, yet one more time, how privileged we are for the variety and quantity of food we enjoy every single day. Our refrigerator is full and all we have to do is open it...

Even though this was not why I decided to fast, I surely have already received some grace from it.