Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mount Evans

August 20 - A chilly, windy morning, a sea of clouds below 10 thousands feet, a clear sky above, and a trail covered with frost and a snow dusting.

Thank you Pietro for getting up early and hiking to the top with me. I love you.
Now, let's walk together through this school year and run some cross county together, just as St. Paul said: "I have run the race to the finish; I have kept the faith".  It is not easy to run to the finish, but we can do it. I am grateful you are enjoying running, which has been such a relevant part of my life when I was your age.  I now jog for a different reason than when I was younger, but running still teaches me to endure, to try again after a mistake, to accept pain, to focus, to listen to what your body is telling me. I hope you will learn that as well, because it s a reflection of life. God speaks in the silence and stillness, similarly to the stillness within that you sometime can experience when you run.

Your dad.

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