Friday, June 17, 2016

We made it!

Well, after four flights and almost sixty straight hours of traveling, we arrived safely in Rome last night! We are tired but excited and ready to explore the culture and history of this beautiful city. Today, we are going to the Vatican- the seat of the Church. The Catholic nerds of the family (Pietro and me) are stoked to visit the four major basilicas of Rome, the Vatican museums, and hopefully walk through the Holy Doors during this Jubilee Year of Mercy. And maybe even catch a glimpse of Pope Francis!
By a lovely little coincidence, we happen to be in Rome at the same time as my mom's good friend and roommate from college, Anne, and her daughter, Keely. (Her son, Will, was supposed to come as well but broke his leg playing rubgy so got to have surgery instead. Emma and I were rather disappointed about this, as having a good-looking guy around always makes things more interesting!) But we are all excited to meet Anne, who my mother describes as very lively and funny.
We are staying in a little apartment we found with Airbnb. It's small, but has enough beds/couches for the six of us, two showers, and a (very small) washing machine. Dryers are nonexistent here; everyone hangs their laundry.
Longer post (and pictures) later!

Ciao for now,
The Contolinis

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