Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Orange gold" a.k.a --> A trip to the pumpkin patch

Family tradition: a family trip to the pumpkin patch on a weekday, to avoid the crowds and have more fun.
We did just that today. Rock Creek Farm is fantastic!
I also visited a great one in Kalamazoo, Michigan many years ago when Norine and I were still dating. It was called: Gene, the Pumpkin Man. That is pretty awesome also.

Contolini love pumpkins; we love picking them, carving them (although a little slimy at times), light them with candles, eat the seeds, eat pumpkin pie and more....

alone in the fields

Isabella goes to college next year. Will she still join us for the annual Contolini pumpkin patch day? I hope she does. We love you, Isabella.

I am curious how many people read this sentence at the end, so let me know your opinion with a comment.


Tom said...

Looks like it's getting cool over there. I've never seen an orange pumpkin in our part of Japan; only small green ones. You take great photos.

Scott McEwen said...

Here, here to Isabella's return home for the annual Contolini Pumpkin Pickin'! Love the pics and site.