Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tonight I feel old but blessed

Yes, I feel old but blessed. Our four children left in a car by themselves for the very first time tonight, leaving mom and dad home alone (on a date!).
They drove to Youth group at our great St. Mary's Parish.

It is great but also not so easy to see them grow up.  So, I decided to post some recent miscellaneous shots.  Enjoy.

Trying to do this as often as possible

With our Italian cousins

Cool idea

Wednesday hike in the mountains

God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. By the time of Jesus, these had evolved into 613 laws...

Pietro at the Columbine Memorial

Fun before winter

Get Lost

My favorite passage at the Columbine Memorial - by Lauren Townsend

From the plaque above
(see for alll of them)

"A woman in the middle of a field of flowers kissing Jesus' wounds; I didn't think I could draw such a beautiful picture. I did tonight. It took me only two hours. I think something was guiding me other than just my hand. That is my dream. When I die, I want to wake up in a field of flowers and see Jesus sitting there smiling, happy to see me, holding my hand. Then I want to kiss his wounds. Maybe it sounds corny, but I can't even describe how happy I would be if I could do that. Then I would hug him, he'd kiss me on the forehead, and we would just sit there hugging in the sun with the wind blowing in our hair. The wind is God because God is everywhere. Just that moment is worth living many lives for.
I feel so peaceful, calm, and joyful; like I am on the verge on enlightenment. There is so much more going on here than we realize. I do think humanity is losing touch with itself and their relationship with their surroundings. Unfortunately it usually takes a huge trauma to get people to realize what is important and I feel that is what is going to happen to wake up everyone to get in touch with their spiritual sides.
I am not afraid of death for it is only a transition.
For, in the end all there is, is love."

I am sure you have been able to do what you dreamed of, Lauren. Please, pray for us.

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