Thursday, August 4, 2011


Vacanze estive

on the way to Assisi. Italian beach :-)

Franciscan Friars

Old Olive Tree

San Damiano (

our agriturismo -

The Convent


"Rosone" St. Francis balisica

St. Francis Basilica

We visited Assisi, in the Umbria region of Italy. Assisi is the hometonw of the famous Saint Francis of Assisi. We spent three days touring important religious sites, visiting medioeval churches, eating "gelato", walking cobblestone streets 4 feet wide build 1000+ years ago and sleeping in an "agriturismo" an italian style of bed and breakfast. Look up

We had our dose of adventure as well, as Emma injured a finger at a pool and had to go to an emeergency room, where she was given four stitches. She was very brave-.

Finally, it was very hard to rent a vehicle that would fit our family of 6. We handed up with a 9 passanger Mercedes van built as a delivery truck that was as tall as a camper. Problem is that it did not fit in most of Assisi parking lots and small hilly streets... We felt like a bull in a china shop.


Peggy said...

Cool that you got to visit Assisi....he is my favorite saint!

Peggy said...

I'm glad you got to see Assisi...I'd love to go to go there some day! I like Paolo's glasses! Gald you are having a great tiem with your family!

Amie said...

Are you home again? I'm thinking yes. Thanks for the pictures. I feel like I got to visit Italy, too. :) We would love to have you guys down to visit sometime. When is good for you? Hugs to all of you.